Chris L. Robinson
1 min readNov 15, 2021


I'm Black. I don't believe any of this. It makes no sense and there is no evidence of anyone doing it, to say nothing of it being some kind of widespread thing.

Been arguing about this online for years.

Didn't see the Twitter fight, but it is almost certainly about that same Ferris State(?) article that has been floating around since forever.

It's sick racist humor that people have seized on as yet another example of the terrible treatment of black folks in this country.

But the alleged White actions in these stories aren't the thing that sticks out to me. Ask yourself this question--do you really think some black man's wife would be willing to risk her husband's life for fifty cents?

And who were all of these Black mamas renting out their babies for alligator bait for two dollars a pop?

I don't believe that there was some widespread pattern of Black mothers doing that to their children.

And I can't figure out why anyone does.

I'm perplexed by the number of people that think songs and postcards and advertisements are evidence. I've seen postcards with extraterrestrials on them, and Bigfoot keychains, but I don't think they prove anything.

I don't need these made up stories about the wrongs of White folks. There are too many real ones.



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