A Man’s Place is in the Kitchen

When he gets around to it.

Chris L. Robinson


Image by Author. He was going to entitle it, “Some Assembly Required”, but changed his mind.

I’ve been slightly annoyed with myself that I didn’t cook much this summer. Especially since we upgraded our kitchen in the Spring. But with the cooler temps over the last couple of weeks, I’ve started cooking again. ‘

I don’t know why I was so hard on myself over why I didn’t spend the summer standing over a stove.

I got lots of things done.

I hiked, I made repairs around the house, I took my son to football practice, and I even wrote sometimes.

That’s a pretty good list, even if serious cooking isn’t on it.

But recently, I’ve found myself back in the saddle. I’ve made omelets with the tomatoes and peppers from our garden.

I’ve made a simple pasta with a sauce of sauteed garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, some pasta water as the thickener. It’s great on its own or with a piece of grilled chicken.

I’ve made cathead biscuits from scratch.

I’ve made foccacia with cherry tomatoes and olives — though this didn’t turn out great — a little dense, a little tough.

I made pot roast tonight and, next week, at my son’s request, I’ll do a Korean BBQ.

So I guess I’m back.

Have you made anything good lately?



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